Why Flixchimp

The Net Is Closing On Copy-Cat Video Producers and Pioneers Too

Starting a video production company can be a costly business. With high quality sound recording equipment, lighting, together with props and sheer input of time and energy, setting up properly can feel like a scarey risk.  When watching the real pro’s in action, with their smart video editing and fun, engaging and professional videos, the newbie can feel like getting paid for what they love doing is somewhat of a pipe dream.

Video platform providers don’t exactly make it easy for the indie video trail-blazers either.  Up until recently, the biggest industry player, (you know who they are), once used to boast about their democratic, ‘all-welcome’ approach to the new breed of home based video makers. Now, perhaps inevitably, that open door party feels already over for those just starting out, who hope to make money by creating the kind of great indie videos they and others want to see.

We think the industry’s biggest competitor is shutting the green room door on the innovative video producer who is just getting started, by only paying out advertising revenues to those established video producers who already have a foot-hold in this growing, potentially lucrative and deeply rewarding industry.

As One Green Room Door Closes…

YouTube recently announced: “Once a channel reaches 4000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1000 subscribers, it will be reviewed to join the (YouTube Paid Advertisers’) programme.” The stated aim of such limitations on entrepreneurial video makers being “… to strengthen … requirements for monetisation…” To the team here at FlixChimp, it seems like this is more about benefitting the platform provider in paying less people for their efforts… Too cynical?

Sure, we agree that it’s probably true that setting limits on advertising revenue pay-outs could cut down on video platform spammers, video producer “impersonators” and anyone else who might want to take advantage of already successful and creative video makers.

However, our problem with this more exclusive financial rewards system is that restricted revenue return, based on what seem like arbitrary rules, also acts as a disincentive to the young pioneering creative, who is excited by the idea of starting a video production company, but whose fears that their reward for efforts put in might just take too long put them off shooting polished productions…

We totally agree with rewarding those hard-working producers, who reach the audience big time with fantastic entertaining and educational videos, but for us, social video sharing should be more about inclusiveness and just desserts.  If you have talent and can bring in viewers with your own sweat and hard work, then we think you should get your just financial rewards.

Get Paid Instantly When Starting A Video Production Company

Our own audiences appreciate great independent work.  FlixChimp subscribers are the kind of people who don’t mind voting for indie productions with their hard-earned money because for tiny subscriptions, they can see video producers whose content they value and with whom they can identify and root for.  Sure, Netflix and the like offer fantastic high budget movies we all love, but as all the bake-offs, dance-offs and ‘best of British’ genre T.V. series show, we like to see ourselves depicted on screen too and we like to see ‘the little guy’ win…

That’s what FlixChimp is all about. We provide a home for the successful video producers of tomorrow by giving audiences opportunities to discover new talent and support them with real cash. It isn’t about the video platform deciding what is valuable in revenue terms; it’s about what real people like to watch. You indie video fans who are prepared to pay for great value viewing give our video producer membership the kind of financial incentive they need to keep building on what they do.

VOD is more and more the norm and we are all now used to paying for what we like, so for less than the price of a cup of coffee, we get to be entertained by small, indie producers who we can root for by giving them the chance to get paid IMMEDIATELY when you pay to view. Most VOD platforms don’t pay royalties and revenues this fast; there is a time-lag before producers get their well-deserved pay out. This doesn’t help the entrepreneur starting a video production company.

The FlixChimp platform is different from the bigger players out there, however.  We are all about bringing you cutting edge, indie creative video productions you love, but also making sure that what you get will be completely unique to our viewers and fans.  Not only that, we love our folk heroes and we can discover fresh video production talent just when they are getting started and help support them towards their success faster, by your ability to pay them as soon as you choose to watch their stuff.

It’s about a real relationship between the viewer and producer and supporting a fantastic home-grown video industry… Are you in?