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Company Vision Statement

Flix Chimp will offer fair financial rewards for independent creative video production from a community of film lovers who can share and rank creative video they love.

Flix Chimp Business Objectives

Flix Chimp was established to provide a video sharing platform for a community of video lovers. Firstly, for the average lay person or small business to upload videos or broadcast live-stream and get paid on demand for their creations.  This is a revolutionary concept, as most video sharing platforms do not pay video producers, arguing that the trend is towards ‘free’. These same sites often benefit from advertising revenues, leeching the efforts and good will of video producers.

Secondly, Flix Chimp is for the indie or student niche video viewer.  It helps them to find quality content and exclusive material not generally available.  It helps them find their preferred content easily, share a social experience, commenting and ranking in the community and choose from affordable and flexible payment options.

This platform is self-sustaining via commissions from revenues from pay per view for exclusive content.

Flix Chimp will disrupt the video hosting industry for producers and viewers in the following ways:


  • Paying independent and amateur video producers and small businesses for views of e.g. their training materials or exclusive audience videos via revenue sharing.
  • Video producers set their own remuneration rates; revenue is not from adverts and potentially higher
  • Upload to a high ranking ‘directory’ which maximises video producer reach
  • Could attract potentially bigger pool of talented music, animation, documentary film makers and video marketers who can regularly self-fund their work,
  • Niche video sharing platform that caters specifically for a targeted audience
  • Allows producers to crowd-source ideas, collaborate and interactwith viewers in real time
  • Producers make money quickly and easily from pay to view system, which allows them to set their viewing rate
  • Competitive membership rates and rewards
  • Check stat’s on views of your previews to tweak to get more conversions for viewing your main work.


  • Viewers experience a more socially rewarding and interactive video platform
  • No plastering videos with distracting adverts to detract from enjoying the experience
  • Flexible pay as you go business model that dispenses with the need for subscription: pay per view or top ups for viewing.
  • Participation and collaboration opportunities in video creation in real time add to the excitement and engagement
  • Social sharing, review options and ranking involvement


None! A list of 15 video hosting sites has been identified and we keep this under review.  Comparisons of features and benefits is on-going, but as yet no other site directly rewards video producers beyond paltry advertising impressions commissions.

Market Research – available in our Business Plan and Executive Summary on request.  Go Here

Investor Financial Benefits

  • Statistics to establish potential revenues are available on request.
  • Video and live-stream is a growth sector. Video sharing platform potential is still in early development. Remuneration is exceptional and only via hosting ad’s. Flix Chimp’s unique VOD business model takes the best from the larger video film hosting sites and fuses this with the value placed on ‘amateur’ video production and premium business educational content
  • Businesses increasingly seek to diversify revenue streams and seek ROI; payment for VOD is immediate
  • Independent video producers experience barriers to access to mainstream media and want to monetise their creations. This offers another way into mainstream by gaining credibility via ranking on the site.
  • Independent producers, small businesses and educationalists increasingly seek to find new ways to monetise their products. Flix Chimp offers an innovative channel to do this.
  • VOD is a mutli-billion poundindustry; modest market share for niche audiences willing to pay could be significant
  • Marketing will harness audience participation via e.g. social media and ranking

Branding Benefits to Investors

  • Branding associated with democratic and popular video sharing site
  • The business model is based on more ethical revenue sharing model
  • Involvement in media democratisation through helping develop accessible profitable video production and sharing tools
  • Vanguard tech which where a viewer community decides ranking of quality through algorithms, based on engagement levels

Thank you for your interest.  We look forward to hearing your questions and comments.

Divinder Singh – Director Flix Chimp

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