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Play Fair With Flix Chimp. Pause If In Doubt. Stop To Check Here.
Flix Chimp Rules Live Right Now!

Video and Live Stream Submissions
General Guidelines

Ready to upload some unique video creations and start earning from your efforts? Rock and roll! We think getting your creative video ideas out there and getting the benefit from your time, money and genius is the smartest move you can make in the huge online video world.

We want everyone to enjoy this experience of going viral, whilst making money from your unique video making style. We all have different ambitions here, but first and foremost we all want success and whilst we hate talking about rules and reg’s, we want things to work well for everyone, and not put a Miley Cyrus type wrecking ball through this unique project.

So, OK funny things can happen when you break the rules, but please don’t here and we can all make money doing what we love.

So, wet your pencil (no, not like that, this is a CLEAN video platform! – See Rule 3!), here’s what we all need to keep having a great time at Flix Chimp:

  1. Remember we said ‘unique video’ a couple of times already, well we mean it, guys. No copycat videos; all ideas have to be your own. We know they say that copying is a form of flattery, but video producers who just duplicate others’ creative video productions are not big and clever, they are just thieves. We will, let’s make no bones about it, claw you out of here, no matter how cute we think your video. Don’t be a bore, we know you are smart, just put the time in and come back with something original!   We recommend you hit ‘Pause’ on going ahead with your upload and do a search on Flix Chimp if you are at all unsure if, for instance, you have created a ‘Mash Up’.
  2. We love short and sweet and so do video viewers, unless you have an epic to upload. Short videos are easily digestible and are perfect as your first viral video. Think about videos that last around 2 minutes, 5 or 10 for immediate, punchy impact. This is an ideal length for a funny video, instructional video, promotional video production or live streaming.   Anything more than that, we are into the cult video or movie genre, which is cool too.
  3. Keep your clothes on here!  Don’t get us wrong, we all have drives, but we want the Flix Chimp platform to serve as wide a community as possible. We love y’all so, let’s keep it cleanish… or else please be grown up, responsible adults and consider the kids watching. Your video will be screened. Our ‘18+’ category is strictly not for porn material and if you unsure as to where the line is drawn, we’ll be fair and give you a chance to make a mistake just the once.  Hey, this might sound irritating, but we think providing a service of paid video on demand that rewards talent is worth it!  As are the kids watching, of course!  When uploading to our 18+, you will be asked to agree to confirm not uploading porn material. Anyone doing so more than once will be blocked. This is at our discretion. We’re broad minded, but strictly no explicit material. Two strikes and you’re out…We at Flix Chimp are a responsible bunch who love video of all kinds and after having done our research we know creative types like pushing the boundaries… If in doubt, email us and check it out!
  4. Yeah, OK, you got us… We know that rules are made to be bent… Hell, that is what we are doing, after all, by paying you to upload and share your cool stuff, like no other video platform does… So you probably are already asking about scenes likely to disturb some people, like violence and horror. Well, same applies as sexy stuff,,, So, we’d like you to apply the ‘cautionary principle’ when uploading your video to the ‘18+’ category – maybe email us to check what is appropriate if unsure.  So if you have shot a gore fest just please remember that Flix Chimp is all about sharing the love of entertainment.  Let’s do no harm to others in our need to sink our teeth into the dark side.  If your (unique) video contains material that could be disturbing to some people, please stick to the appropriate category: ‘18+’.  As above with the steamier stuff, we reserve the right to block repeat offenders from the site.
  5. Blue air when you shoot the breeze? OK We know that ‘bad language’ is as ‘bad language’ does, but heck, we want you to think about that too.  It might be ok for your kids to hear it, but we don’t want other parents filtering out Flix Chimp, because that would be bad for you too ultimately, let alone every other talented video producer here. If in doubt, filter out and choose Adult content. Keep It Clean There are 1,000,000 words in the English language alone, including some cool ones like “nubile,” “psychedelic,” and “obfuscation.” Flaunt your language skills here, and leave the profanity and other garbage talk at home.
  6. Flix Chimp will reject videos which promote hate, violence or illegal activity, or documentary videos that show human fatalities however newsworthy such footage may seem in context. Please use your discretion and if unsure, pop us a question, which we will share with everyone in an FAQ’s in time…
  7. Package to promote. Making video is not just about cool scripts and direction, marketing your production is a skill you would do well to learn, to help spread the news of your cool video. Plan killer video titles, descriptions with key words, curiosity generating thumbnails, and tags to attract viewers. If you try to swizz the system, we will hunt you down and tell everyone on Twitter that you can’t make videos for toffee… OK if that isn’t off-putting enough, we’ll crowd source an appropriate punishment! Tell it like it is, with no making it up as you go along. People will click away, rubbish your ratings and we won’t be impressed either.  You were warned (Mwah Hah Hah Hah!)
  8. Tickle The Viewer’s Fancy. Similar to cool video names, think about your descriptions. For instance, avoid spoiler alerts, else it spoils it for lovers of suspense.  (“OMG he turns into a what?”) Highlight cool details in your video, or give them a peek of a cliff hanger, put keep your viewer needing to know more, so they pay to watch and you get as much thrill from earning from your creation as they do watching it!
  9. Attention Grabbing Thumbnails: Pick a still from your video that grabs attention and says something to the viewer they might want to know about to incentivise them to pay to watch. BTW that doesn’t mean go for the gore and gross. We’re all fond of our computers, but some of us have sensitive stomachs that we don’t want spilling on the key-board!
  10. Tag until you are all tagged out. Use as many tags as you want to describe your video, so long as they are ACCURATE and TRUE. Remember, pretending your video is about something it isn’t just to maximise viewers might work as a one off, but remember that kitten we showed you earlier?  Tags help you get found; use them.
  11. Choose your category to upload to. If you are the indecisive type, ask a friend. If they can’t tell you either, then do best of three.  Mothers always know best… So long as the content is mom-friendly!  Then make a commitment to sorting out your indecision, it could be stopping you deciding on some cool new video creations and earning from your talent!
  12. We built Flix Chimp to be a creative community, buzzing with energy. (We love a Great G buzz.) So to keep it going we want you to add to the feedback about what you watch, but to be nice… If you want better videos? Then provide constructive suggestions of how a video could have been made better instead of a smack! Good advice helps us build a better service all round and our video producers will up their game for you here. And if you think you can do better, don’t just say it – SHOW IT with your own video.
  13. No Haters: Our community has zero tolerance for intolerance, so no defamatory, racist, sexist, homophobic ageist or bullying talk. This includes threats of violence or sexual assault against other site users or people appearing in videos. Offenders will be banned forever from Flix Chimp love sharers’ community.
  14. Save your creativity for your Flix Chimp video productions: Don’t try to sneak onto top of our listings by manipulating the results. For example, posting lots of comments on your own video to get onto the “Most Discussed” list won’t get you anywhere. (We’ve got trained dogs to sniff out cheats and remember how we like to laugh at our own evil schemes? Mwah Hah Hah Hah!

Cops ‘n’ Robbers was never our favourite game… We prefer watching others at that game.  Checking up on our contributors’ unique videos (did we mention your video needs to be unique?) takes time away from doing what we really love, just enjoying great video productions and building a fantastic site where we all win.

So, we hope you get what we are trying to achieve here video lovers.  Stick to the rules and we can keep the ” G ” buzz going and growing. Share the love with Flix