Flix Chimp

Indie Films Are A Growth Industry. Its Time To Get Creative

Why just upload your video production with the corporate video sharing sites and let them profit from revenue generation your must-watch creations raised for them? Earn amazing money from your creative video productions, instead of letting the big boys take profits that are rightfully yours with our innovative ‘pay as you view’ unique Indie film platform!

Indie, short video producers are some of our greatest creative talent around. They have a huge following of avid viewers who want to be challenged and entertained in ways the mainstream channels just can’t offer without wading through lots of rubbish. This bigger pool of talented rock, pop, animation, documentary film makers and video marketers regularly self-fund their work, because they love what they do, or they simply cannot find financial backing to pursue their passions and interests.

Upload More To Make Re-occurring Profits, Not Possible Elsewhere!

If you are one of these smart new creative talents, with Flix Chimp, now you can upload your unique video production, or livestream as you film, whilst getting paid to do what you love. Our platform offers never seen before technology to monetise your creations on a niche site that values what you do and because we are so niche, Flix Chimp is attracting exactly the kind of audience who are hungry enough to pay to view what you offer!

Stop Leaving Money on The Cutting Floor! Set Your Viewing Rate!

Our PAYG members can pay a nominal fee to upload their films, (equivalent from £0.50 per first 500MB increment) then set their own rate to not only get their investment money back, but make a profit in a growing home entertainment medium from viewers paying to view uniquely creative video! AND if you subscribe to Flixchimp you don’t even need to pay this £0.50p as you can choose from the six extremely competitive price plans see below subscription link for all our subscriber options.

The more videos you upload the more money you make. The longer your video is only on our platform the more money they will make! Only 4 views earns you £1.00! No irritating advertisements on your video.

What’s Different About Flix Chimp?

Flix Chimp is an innovative video platform with more to offer alternative video producer talent:

  • Niche video sharing platform that caters specifically for your discerning audience, who can find and share your cool animation, insightful documentary, educational or training content, or next cult video creations easier than anywhere else
  • Crowd-source ideas, collaborate and interact with your viewers, for more creative video in real time as you live-stream your productions!
  • Make money quickly and easily from your creative work from pay to view fans
  • Upload or livestream your unique video creations, then select how much you want to charge per view.
  • The more film views you get, the more money you make
  • Time stamp your videos to go live at a future date, right now, or live stream to get real time interaction with your audience as you are creating.
  • Check stat’s on views of your previews to tweak to get more conversions for viewing your main work.
  • Pay as you go or top ups for viewing.
  • Check in again regularly for more cool features in the pipeline!

The more film views you get, the more money you make.

There flexible Flix Chimp options:

When you have an awesome video that you want to share, instead of getting lost in the noise of other video sharing services and letting them benefit financially from your work, surprise yourself on just how much money you can make per video from your efforts! Flix Chimp is the only video sharing Platform which pays you as an amateur, semi-professional or small-time pro film maker.