Flixchimp Vision Statement

Flixchimp has a unique vision to place creators at the heart of independent film, with a community ethos that helps video lovers support quality video productions unavailable anywhere else.

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, Flixchimp viewers can pay to watch exclusive content, comforted in the knowledge that the producer who created the work will be paid immediately for their material.

Setting a fee of as little as £0.50 per viewing, Flixchimp video makers can quickly earn over £100 with as few as 300 views.

We believe in supporting video lovers and those who put their heart and soul into what they create.

We are huge fans of totally unique entertainment and educational videos. We know our members do too and it’s the power of that community with a shared passion that will prove how fresh video talent can be supported with meaningful earnings without breaks for ad’s.

Isn’t that how we all love to watch video?