Fee Per View Guide

What To Charge Your Viewing Audience on Flix Chimp

Fee per view, of course, depends on your priorities, particular niche and investment. However, remember that nothing is carved in stone and you will over time come to understand what your audience see as fair and can adjust and test pricing levels. We have a discerning audience at Flix Chimp and given your audience is probably paying for viewing box office films, they understand paying for value. Knowing this simplifies your calculations.

Whether offering VOD and live-streaming, the fee per view options are the same. We recommend you share your video amongst friends and family you can trust for honest feedback. Remember, we all like a bargain, but unless you are offering a loss leader, be fair to your team of staff and do right by your business.

Ask youropinion sharers what they think is fair:

£50p for three days access

Or 24 hours access @:£0.75 / £1.00 / £1.25./£1.50 / £1.75 / £2.00 / £2.50 / £3.00 / £4.00 / £5.00 / £5.95 / £6.95 / £7.95 / £8.95 / £9.95

Or for really exclusive content where you feel that your exclusive content justifies these prices 24 hour access @ £15.00 / £20.00 / £25.00 / £30.00 / £35.00 / £40.00 / £45.00 / £50.00 / £95.00 / £100.00

In futureFlix Chimp will implement a limitless viewing price option, so watch this space.

As a rough guide, we recommend higher fees for educational and business oriented content, mid to higher price ranges for quality indie entertainment, down to low price budget indies, funny videos and ‘cheap and cheerfuls’ or ‘penny dreadfuls’! If you think fees for VOD and live-streaming are cheap, remember, you are competing with box office VOD and Flix Chimp is offering you residual income, for you to earn over and over from each of your exclusive productions!

Getting Paid In Your Preferred Currency

When signing up, think carefully about which currency you want to be paid in, of the three available: Sterling / Euros / American Dollars. Once chosen, this is set. Do not worry about which currency your viewing audience prefer, they will see price denominated in their home country.