So all the hipsters and the Millenium generation don’t need convincing about the cool of creative video production and nor do the digital marketing professionals, who understand the viral power of a well-executed promotional video. However, live-streaming is still the poor relation in video, still dwarfed by the live webinar, web-conferencing or webcasting (Don’t switch off, dear readers, a distinctly non-dull definition will follow in a later article). The point of this article is to look at live-streaming and what might give this the edge over other media.

Video production is the perfect way to get messages and images across if planned in advance. However, it is still only a one-way communication system until after the video is complete and your fans can give you feedback with social media or comments on the video platform you choose.

What is great about live-streaming video is that even as you are filming your subject, if you have invited your followers and fans to a live-stream video event and have your social media accounts open as you film to pick up feedback, you can adapt what you are doing as you go, according to what your audience is looking for. Live streaming during video production makes the whole process more of a two-way communication, more fun for both sides, of greater value to your audience and presents more of a challenge to you asvideo companies or independent producers.

Video streaming means you can offer a mock-up for a test audience, as a trial run to a bigger project. It’s a way of doing your market research before committing funds to more expensive creative video ideas. Live streaming videos means you can crowd-source ideas, collaborate and interact with your clients, customers or fan viewers, in preparation for more corporate video productions. The interconnection of Flix Chimpwith your followers on social media mean you can give them advance notice that you want their help, then get their ideas and feedback in real time as you live-stream your productions!


Webcasting is already being popular companies wanting to reach bigger audiences by recording key events, meetings and messages, but it is essentially a one-way process. This is fine if time is not of the essence. For instance let’s imagine you want to cover a sports event. This has more importance to fans as it happens, so it makes sense to live stream a sports event, rather than simply video it. Connecting to social media, means you can strike up unexpected communications which adds to the shared experience of ‘being there as it happens’.


It goes without saying that video potentially reaches a lot of people and they will become loyal paying viewers with us, if you produce what they want to see, but live stream video offers even more. Live streaming events makes the whole process of making videos much more interesting and engaging for you and your viewers, because your audience can steer the course of the video and participate in the end result.

Depending upon the aim of yourvideo, you can use live streaming or on-demand videos in a number of ways and get extra benefits beyond straightforward on-demand video. For instance:

  • Live training sessions for would be clients, learning as you go what your audience need to know
  • Advance video event invites: Putting out an advance invite to a video production session which includes messages about your services or product information means you can improve your engagement and loyalty.

Promotion: Video streaming is perfect to promote your products, services or messages if you want to demonstrate how something works in ‘real time’. It also allows people to ask questions or

  • even add some entertaining elements from your viewers to add that element of the unexpected to your final production.
  • Attract wider advance audiences:A taster video means you can dramatically widen access to information about future video creation events. For a launch of a bigger project, all your followers are more likely to get to see your final release when it happens, because they have advance notice and can expect your event.
  • Reduced costs:Live streaming of a ‘tester’ video means you can reduce the cost of a final production or maximise revenues, by ensuring it’s on the nail before you set your pay-to-view price with Flix Chimp.
  • Increased revenue:Using live stream video shows a younger, more tech-savvy audience that you have a leading edge, which is good for a professional image. It can also help your video company drive more enquiries.
  • Connection:The server that hosts the live video streaming can be set up so that people watching from anywhere in the world can message their questions and receive live answers, helping you connect with people and increase loyalty. Flix Chimp engagement and interactivity tools make it possible to attract your audience prior to filming and engage them before, during and after your event.
  • Flix Chimp allows you to track viewer participation, allowing you to plan for more targeted video production in future.
  • Quality:‘Webcasting’ provides for good quality audio and video broadcasts.
  • Convenience:On demand programming can be listened to in the comfort of your home or office. In addition, presenters/instructors can deliver from anywhere.
  • Richer content:With webcasting or live stream, you have the flexibility of combining various presentation methods and multimedia. Of course, you also have the option of recording great videos for use indefinitely.
  • Broadcasting range:Webcasting provides for unlimited range in broadcasting whereas radio, for example, has limited signal strength.
  • Environmental footprint:Businesses wanting to reduce their carbon footprint can use live streamingor video productionto cut down on travel to training and development events.
  • Did we mention that live streaming is just so much more FUN?!