At Flix Chimp, we love film and are huge fans of all genres! We wanted to bring back those early awesome video experiences, where we never had to ‘Skip Ad’ and could easily find great content to share with friends and family.
Video on Demand is evolving and we are on a mission to bring you a simple, easy to use service,which helps you to earn revenue, whilst doing something that you love. For all FlixChimp viewers we can promise, AD Free content and unique content!

So what’s the Story behind FlixChimp?
We wanted to provide unique content, Ad Free for less, supporting brilliant independent content creators who have something amazing to offer the world! All, whilst providing a brilliant service!

Our mission it to ensure Video on demand is fair for everyone.
The future of video is in your hands.
Great, Unique content, which you can share with your friends and family, supporting the work of our video producers.

We aren’t alone in our shared love for Video:
Video and Livestream really is at an exciting time!
We have looked at the statistics and found that there is a huge amount of love for Video on Demand:
* 400 hours are uploaded to YouTube every minute
* 6 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube alone every month
* 180 million people watch YouTube in the U.S. alone, with 1.5 billion users logged in per month 56% of all videos produced 2016-2017 are 2 minutes long
* The most popular video content includes: Explainers, How To, Product Demo, Testimonials.
* 8% of small businesses use YouTube marketing
* Top 5% of video producers retain 77% of their audiences to the last second.
* The average video retains 37% of viewers to the end. With a pay per view model, producers learn what works pretty quickly, because there are revenues to be had from quality! Videos under 90 seconds see an average retention rate of 53%, but it really depends on what you are aiming to share with viewers.
The average retention rate of personalised video is 35% higher than non-personalised, so the more you interact socially on FlixChimp, the better your results will be.
* The live video streaming market is on track to become a $70.5 billion industry by 2021
* In 2016 video streaming was valued at $30.29 billion.

What Do FlixChimp Video Fans Love To Watch Most?
• Favourite video producers
• Music
• Educational, informational, how to or explainer videos
• Sports
• Entertainment and funny videos – animalsagogo!
• Personalised marketing videos
• Games
• Event live streams
• Pretty much anything, so long as it’s unique!

Why would you choose FlixChimp?
• Support Independent Film Makers, with great content.
• Free ADs have been removed to enhance your viewing / viewer’s experience
• Viewers decide on the value of videos posted
• Video producers are rewarded for their efforts based on popularity results immediately
• Our content is completely unique to us!
• As a video creator! Get paid immediately!
• Pay as you go from just £0.50p per upload or via our monthly subscription model. The choice is
• Great Analytics – Track your videos performance with real time data and get to see what part of
the world your videos are getting viewed from
• Share your video trailers on major social media sites to increase your reach and your earning

Mr Divinder
Mr Divinder




Divinder Singh
Founder CEO Flixchmp