Most of us just want to enjoy affordable entertainment, without compromising on the fun experience of watching films and video, it’s fair to say.  At FlixChimp we think that’s not too much to ask.  We got fed up of video channels plastered with irrelevant,irritating ad’s and wading through dross to find memorable movies on the bigger sites.

We love film of all kinds and wanted to bring back loving those early awesome video experiences, where we never had to ‘Skip Ad’, or got fed up trying to find something really cool that we shared with everyone!

Video on Demand is still changing and we are part of that shake up.  If you are renewing your VOD account, or wondering who to sign up with, FlixChimp are here to remind you that there are so many great independent producers worth checking out, AD FREE AND AFFORDABLY!

We love indie film and video  and think they are worth supporting, but we love a cheap deal too. That is how FlixChimp started.

We talked about how unfair it is that bigger paid video sharing sites just don’ have the kind of content that some free sites offer, but their ad’s just suck!  We believe making millions out video producer’s creativity with poor revenues and ruining it for film buffs with their messy, irritating marketing methods isn’t good enough…

We love companies who give great customer service.  Frankly, why should any of us expect less?

We come from diverse industries, but all agree that paid video services should be a great deal for all, because watching film is pleasure time. This is why what you’ll watch here is simply not available anywhere else. Irritating and distracting ad’s don’t have to be the price you pay for the kind of content we love, but nor should talent go unrewarded.

We make VOD fair for everyone who loves great video and film making.

The future of video is in your hands.  Our video producers get just rewards for great work.  So get comfy, find the stuff you like, knowing you are sharing the love with fantastic video producers and fellow film buffs.

Not Alone in Our Shared Love of Video…

It isn’t just us.  Video and Livestream really do push everyone’s buttons… We looked around at the statistics and of course, YouTube is the one everyone talks about, because they have been around the longest and are the biggest VOD site going… of course they are, but that’s because they were there first on the scene and yes, they’re free to view financially speaking, but not entirely without other costs to both viewers and video producers!

  • 400 hours are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • 6 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube alone every month; other sites claim tens of thousands of hours… We know FlixChimp’s unique offerings will see us enticing our share of your eyeballs!
  • 180 million people watch YouTube in the U.S. alone, with 1.5 billion users logged in per month
  • 56% of all videos produced 2016-2017 are 2 minutes long, but that is particularly marketing video
  • The most popular video content includes: Explainers, How To, Product Demo, Testimonials. We like to turn to others for their expertise when needed, it seems, it isn’t all about the entertainment…
  • 8% of small businesses use YouTube marketing; this is a massive gap in opportunities for potential customer acquisition and retention. Many say they want to do more, but can’t afford it.  That’s why FlixChimpers really believe in what we do, because we support the independents!
  • Top 5% of video producers retain 77% of their audiences to the last second.  We only offer unique content, which makes what our producers offer a bit special…
  • The average video retains 37% of viewers to the end.  With a pay per view model, producers learn what works pretty quickly, because there are revenues to be had from quality!
  • Videos under 90 seconds see an average retention rate of 53%, but it really depends on what you are aiming to share with viewers.
    The average retention rate of personalised video is 35% higher than non-personalised, so the more you interact socially on FlixChimp, the better your results will be.
    The live video streaming market is on track to become a $70.5 billion industry by 2021; that’s probably before direct revenue models like ours are considered.
    In 2016 video streaming was valued at $30.29 billion. Why are the bigger players taking the bulk of those profits, at the expense of the creative producers? We want to redress that….
  • The last two stat’s meant that growth in live stream value in the next few years is set to get crazy. So jump in while the VOD market is still evolving and we are showing the way…

What Do FlixChimp Video Fans Love To Watch Most?

  • Favourite video producers
  • Music
  • Educational, informational, how to or explainer videos
  • Sports
  • Entertainment and funny videos – animalsagogo!
  • Personalised marketing videos
  • Games
  • Event live streams
  • Pretty much anything, so long as it’s unique!

Why FlixChimp?

  • Helping film makers collaborate online
  • No irritating ad’s to spoil your viewing / viewer’s experience
  • Viewers decide on the value of videos posted, putting their money where their eyeballs are
  • Video producers are rewarded for their efforts based on popularity results immediately
  • Our content is completely unique to us!
  • Get paid immediately no waiting around for your money to reach that threshold our competitors hold you ransom too
  • Pay as you go from just £0.50p per upload or subscription the choice is yours
  • Track your videos performance with real time data and get to see what part of the world your videos are getting viewed from
  • Share your video trailers on major social media sites to potentially make more money
  • Have your own Top-up balance on your account

Mr Divinder
Mr Divinder




Divinder Singh
Founder CEO Flixchmp